Join SECARS for Summer Field Day

Field Day

Summer Field Day is held each year in June.  SECARS hosts a club station each year, and we plan to have 7 stations running across the HF bands using all modes.   This year we will be hosting Field Day at Zagray Farm Museum in Colchester, CT (544 Amston Rd. Colchester, CT).  Information on the venue can be found here.

Field day is an emergency training exercise with an element of radiosport.  Our score is computed based on the number of stations contacted across the world and the mode of communication used for each contact.  Bonus points are given based on increasing public awareness of amateur radio and special operating activities.  We will be running 5 HF stations, plus a VHF/satellite station.  There will be educational activities on foxhunting (finding hidden transmitters), satellite communication and general amateur radio operating practices.  We will be communicating with others using Morse Code, voice and various digital modes.  All are welcome to attend, and anyone can get on the air – even if you do not have an FCC license (with appropriate supervision from one of our licensed operators).  SECARS will serve lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday morning.

Come join us Field Day weekend (June 22, 23) for a great time!