SECARS is posting the following items for sale from local sellers.  For personal or estate equipment that is for sale, SECARS takes a 10% commission on the sale of any items (with a $1 minimum).  These are the same sales terms as for our live auction fundraiser.

For all items, buyer is responsible for pickup – we will make reasonable arrangements.  Contact or the person listed next to each item to make an offer or to inquire on any equipment.

Motorola 150 MHz Base Station Radio

For sale is a Motorola 150 MHz commercial base station unit.  It appears complete.  Sold as-is untested.
The cabinet measurements are 29″ H X 21″ W x 9″ D.
This is SECARS property that is being sold.  If you wish to make an offer, please contact Dave at

For sale – Motorola Cabinet

For sale is a Motorola 16 inch rack mount cabinet.  The depth from the rack to the back door is 12 inches.
The cabinet measurements are 48″ H X 22″ W x 15″ D.
This is SECARS property being offered for sale.  If you are interested in making an offer, contact Dave at