I am really looking forward to Field Day this weekend.  I think it is the best amateur radio event of the year, and I will share a few reasons why: Camping, great food, fun with friends, learning new things, and an opportunity to challenge yourself.  We will be bringing out all kinds of amateur radio gear, setting it up in tents and talking to the world.  One purpose of Field Day is to build emergency preparedness skills within the amateur radio community.  Indeed, if we ever have an event that demands remote amateur radio operation as the only means of communication, skills built during Field Day will help.  Hopefully that never occurs.
Field Day is a great opportunity to learn more about your hobby.  We will have foxhunting gear to find transmitters hidden around the grounds.  Anyone can participate in this activity, and it was a real hit a few years ago at Field Day.  We will have a satellite station to track and talk through the Low Earth Orbit satellites.  We will be using Morse code, voice and various digital modes (FT8, RTTY) to complete QSOs – a great opportunity to try a new mode.  We will be passing traffic and copying the ARRL bulletin.  This is a great opportunity to see how these tools are used to communicate with others in emergencies.  If you have not been on the air lately, we have a special station set up for you – with people to help you get back into HF operating.  Youth are especially welcomed to give the hobby a try.  Licensed operators are available to help you get on the air and to coach people who have not yet obtained their license.
Finally, our Field Day will have lots of food and fun.  We will have burgers and hot dogs for lunch Saturday, a pasta dinner later that evening and breakfast on Sunday morning.
I extend a big “Thank You” to all who helped organize this event – especially Bob Nazro who took the lead on organizing Field Day and chaired the Field Day committee, all Band Captains and FD committee members, Allen Alonzo for being the head chef and Zagray Farm for allowing us to use the venue.  I look forward to seeing you all at Zagray Farm this weekend for SECARS Field Day!

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