Financial Donors

SECARS thanks the following individuals who donated money to our club since the 2022-2023 dues cycle began (Sep. 2022):

Gary Smith KA1J

Brian Savaulis AC1NN

John Magyarik KC1ORY

Bill Page W1LCJ

Robert Brown W1RKB

Kevin Harkins KA6PDG


Adam Strickland KB1YUT

Tim Tryon KC1NYC

Steven Veci NK1V

Chip Griffin N1MIE

Tom Chernesky

Katrina Zickwolf


Equipment Donors

SECARS Thanks the following individuals or groups who donated equipment or other non-cash items to the club for sale or for use by the club since the beginning of the 2022-2023 dues cycle:

Mark Noe KE1IU

Lenny Schachter N3RPQ

Rob Sawyer KB1RS

Bob Nazro W1RPQ